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Our Design Studio

U Design It // U Built It // U Ride It

U Designed It: TAIR offers your rider the ability to completely customize their bikes. They choose their frame color, sticker kit combination, and component build, which includes drive train, suspension fork, and wheels.


Tair Cycles Kids Mountain Bikes Design studio
U Built It: Once your rider’s frame is ready and the components have arrived, we invite you and your rider to the shop. You can help build it from the frame up. This is an opportunity for your rider to learn all about their bike and have full buy-in and ownership of it.

U Ride It: When their bike is complete we will take them up to South Table Mountain and ride with them to work out any minor fit adjustments or fine tuning. Then they are ready to TAIR it up.

Our bikes grow with the rider:

One of the greatest features of TAIR Cycles is that our bikes grow with your rider. Our 14-inch frame geometry has the ability to take a 24-, 26-, and 27.5-inch wheelset. A bigger wheelset will give your rider years of riding, meaning you no longer need to buy a new bike every year or two as your rider grows. Our bikes will take them from approximately 4 feet to over 5 feet tall.