We at TAIR are so excited kids want to ride our bikes, fortunately we are slowly getting bikes and components in. Please contact us at Tair Cycles to discuss in stock build options and timeline for select builds. Website pictures and builds will be updated as stock comes in. Thanks for your patience, its time to hit the trails.

Collection: Ripper Collection

The TAIR Ripper is the ultimate in lightweight performance mountain bikes for kids.  Our bikes are specifically designed to shred trails and climb fast.  We build our bikes with the highest quality components from all of the same companies the pros use.  The Ripper is a bike that is set up to grow with your child.  The frame can take wheelsets ranging from 24, 26 and 27.5 inch wheels.  This means you do not need to buy a new bike every year.  With our gearing, suspension and ultra light carbon fiber frames your little ripper will TAIR up the trails for many years to come.