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Our Story

Who is Tair Cycles?

Tony Toulsey the Founder of Tair Cycles.

TAIR Cycles was a company that grew from necessity. It began when my 8-year-old daughter showed an interest in mountain biking. She had a bike with shifters and front suspension, but the gearing was not adequate for climbing, the front shock was not adjustable, and it gave very little suspension. Not to mention, the bike weighed over half her bodyweight. Quickly, I witnessed her interest in riding morph into frustration, because she did not have the right equipment.

We started looking for a bike with high-end quality components. A bike that would allow her to ride longer and not become frustrated when the trail turned uphill. We wanted a lightweight bike that offered front suspension and worked for her instead of against her. It became apparent there was not a lot to choose from. On top of the limited bike components, the bikes provided very few color options which only added another check in the I-don’t-want-to-do-this-anymore column.

TAIR Cycles was created because of these limited offerings. TAIR was born to help my daughter and other young riders find their love of mountain biking.

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