We at TAIR are so excited kids want to ride our bikes, fortunately we are slowly getting bikes and components in. Please contact us at Tair Cycles to discuss in stock build options and timeline for select builds. Website pictures and builds will be updated as stock comes in. Thanks for your patience, its time to hit the trails.

Shredder Frame

Shredder Frame

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TAIR Shredder

The TAIR Shredder is the next level of lightweight performance bikes for your growing rider who desires to KOM every hill they climb.  The Shredder spans the gap from the smaller frame of the Ripper to the larger 29er frame of the TAIR Cutter.  The Shredder gives you the same unbelievable performance and ability to carve up any trail like the other bikes in the TAIR line up and is the perfect bike for that middle school to early high school rider looking to get into racing.